by Dr. M.S. Basu

Course Duration - 2 month
( 2 x 4 10 ml vials, 3 x 120 capsules )

It is commonly known that cataract (motiyabind) can only be removed by surgery. But we say "NO" to cataract surgery! First time in the world, Dr.Basu has removed cataract naturally using his ayurvedic cataract treatments. Our ayurvedic treatment is 100% safe, herbal & has no side effects. This treatment is recommended for critical cataract cases or for patients having cataract from long duration.

Our cataract course contains 2 types of eye drops and 3 types of capsules. This course is completely ayurvedic (herbal) and has no side-effects.

Directions of Use
Eye Drops : Use 2 drops 4 times daily from A1 in affected eyes. And after 5 mins Use 2 drops 4 times daily from A2 in affected eyes. Stop this after 15 days. Now start using 2 drops 4 times daily from B1 in affected eyes and after 5 mins use 2 drops 4 times daily from B2 in affected eyes. Stop using this after 15 days. Capsules: Consume all 3 types of capsules daily after breakfast and dinner. Please use this regularly without any breaks. Although there is no side effect. In case any problem occurs please stop and call us immediately on 8881001234 to discuss your problem.



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Cataract - Symptoms & Causes

Cataract is an eye disease in which clouding of lens takes place which is normally clear. Lens becomes foggy and decreases the vision. It is developed gradually with the age. It can develop in both eyes, but it does not pass from one eye to other, it is not contagious. It is progressive and painless. In this condition lens become opaque. Refractive index of lens varies which results in variation in transmitted light. Change in lens proteins, cell structure leads to change in refractive index of lens. Opacity may be due to aggregation of proteins on the lens. There is breakdown of lens architecture which results in cataract.

Goverment Certifications & Approvals

All our medicines are FDA (India) approved. Also certified by many govt. & private bodies.