Cataract treatment without surgery with natural and ayurvedic medicines

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cataract treatment without surgery

Cataract clouds the eyes of millions of people and then unfortunately they have to look through dirty windows. Most of the people after the age of 40 become the victim of this eye disease which can even lead to blindness if left untreated.

People are aware of only cataract treatment available that is cataract surgery. This lack of awareness creates information gap. Mass awareness programmes must be installed so that people suffering from cataract get to know about all possible treatments and facts associated with cataract.

Gone are the days when surgery was the only cure for cataract. Seeing the complications and high cost of surgery researchers and doctors has come up with various eye drops which can treat cataract by dissolving it.

In initial stages you can use eyeglasses with increased power, bright lightning, and magnifying glass but this is temporary treatment. In long run you have to go for surgery to remove it from its root. But now we have isotine eye drop which has power to cure all eye ailments.

Surgery is an expensive procedure and out of reach for many. Therefore scientists and doctors have developed affordable and easily accessible solution which can rescue you from cataract. Post- surgery requires special care and precautions too.

Cataract treatment with eye drops can prove to be a miracle. These eye drops are made of ayurvedic ingredients, which do not have any side-effects as in cataract surgery and there is no complications while using it.It is made from ayurvedic herbs and bhasmas. Isotine eye drops have been proved to be an effective solution to cure cataract.

This is cost –effective treatment which can be easily affordable. Use these drops on the daily basis and you can see the difference within a month. Ayurvedic treatment is free from any risk which might be caused due to surgery. This is natural way of curing cataract and do not pose any threat.


In cataract vision becomes foggy. Why does cataract occur? Cataract can commonly be seen among people in later ages. As they grow older, microstructure of lens tends to disintegrate and proteins starts accumulate under the lens and make it opaque.

Using eye drops continually will dissolve the proteins and will make the lens clear. These eye drops are cost effective alternative to surgery.These are devoid of complexities caused by surgeries like infection, inflammation of eyes and itching. It treats cataract in a natural way, unlike surgery.

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