Natural And Effective Eye Care Tips

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Natural and effective eye care tips

Improve Eyesight The Natural Way And Keep Your Eyes Healthy


  • One should not strain eye continuously for a long time particularly by watching T.V. or playing video games (more specific in kids) & surfing on net / working on PC (as seen commonly in adults).
  • If there is blurring of vision, one must not waste time & seek help of an eye consultant. Do not use any other person’s glasses for use or even just for fun as well. It may cause infection to your eye if that persons eye is infected, or if not then also by using wrong numbered glasses you may strain your eyes & may invite glasses for you !
  • Let us have good intake of number of leafy vegetables, carrot (fresh & not Gajar ka halwa), milk, ghee (preferably home made) in our diet so as to maintain good ocular health.
  • Let us avoid insufficient sleep or excessive sleep.
  • Do not see directly towards welding light or even at sun, at the time of solar eclipse, without taking proper specified precautions.
  • In festival like Diwali? or on other occasion take proper precautions while playing with crackers, same is to be remembered while playing with colours in Holi or Rangapanchami. There may be a possibility that these colours (Gulal, Oil Paints etc.) may enter eyes & one may loose sight permanently ! even while throwing Ballons with coloured water, one must not put pebbles in it & should take care that it should not get blasted on eyes, since it can gives rise to the serious conditions like retinal detachement leading to permanent blindness.
  • One should donate our own eye (cornea) after death, so that some one else who is blind due to corneal opacity can see once again !!

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