O God!! My eye is twitching!! Something bad is going to happen

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O God!! My eye is twitching!! Something bad is going to happen.

Have you ever came across people saying that if right eye twitches something good is coming your way and if left eye twitches it’s a bad sign. All these are a myth, it’s a mere superstition.

Eye twitching is an involuntary muscle movement which can occur in one or both eyelids. It is also known as myokymia. It is uncontrolled repetitive blinking or spasm of eyelid. Generally the bottom lid is involved, but top eyelid can also twitch. It is temporary, lasts for just few seconds. But sometimes it may last for several weeks or months.

There are three types of eye twitching

Eyelid spasm

It is an involuntary movement of muscle associated with eyelid. It can be either one or both. It lasts just for few seconds. It may occur due to lack of sleep, excess of caffeine or stress.

Hemi facial spasm

In this case twitching branches out mouth and cheek too, but only one side.


It is an extreme condition in which there is fast movement of eyelids causing it to shut and open frequently. This is very irritating.

Symptoms include- Dry eyes, excessive blinking of eyes, light sensitivity, involuntary movement of muscles surrounding eyes.
The cause of eye twitch is still unknown but the factors which

contribute are

Eye strain

Continuously watching TV, or reading without wearing contacts can lead to eye strain.

Less sleep

Lack of sleep leads to tired eyes, which can be the cause of eye twitch.


Excess caffeine can trigger eye twitching.

Dry eyes

People develop dry eyes due to aging or due to wearing lenses for longer period. This leads to twitching of eyelids.

Lack of magnesium

It can trigger eye spasms. Balanced diet must be taken.

To get rid of this uncertain eye twitch gently massage the eye and surrounding muscles. You can also use some eye drops to avoid eye dryness.

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