Proper Eye Care in Monsoon

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Eye Care in Monsoon

These tiny rain drops brings with them ocean full of happiness and joy. Monsoon season fill us with excitement and it’s the right time to splash in the rains. It is the season we eagerly look forward to get rid of extreme hot summers. Rainy season blossoms our heart and you can find cheerful faces around. But it also brings along with them tiny micro-organisms viruses and bacteria, which plague eyes with vulnerable eye infections.

Does your eye look red or swollen? Do you have itching in the eye? If you are experiencing these symptoms it is very important to take precautions and care of your eyes else your eyes may prone to diseases like conjunctivitis, stye and allergy.

Here we come to your rescue to prevent you from eye problems due to rains.


Inflammation or redness of surface under eyelid called conjunctiva is known as conjunctivitis. To get rid of it keeps your eyes clean. Wash them 3-4 times with cold water. Don’t rub them with hard surface. Avoid wearing contact lenses this will aggravate the problem.


It is caused by rubbing the eye with dirty hands. This infection of gland is very painful. Some of the bacteria found in nose can cause stye. The infection lead to swelling and pus and rains make it worse. Clean your eye properly and hot compress will give relief.

Dry eyes

Dry eye causes irritation and lubrication is lost. In extreme cases you might have blurred vision. Eyes are prone to this during monsoon. Eye drop can be used to lubricate eyes and it will soothe the eyes.


Dust, pollens, cosmetics may trigger allergy and in monsoon it spreads like fire. So be careful while putting on cosmetics. Use best quality cosmetics which is waterproof or if it enters your eyes it should not interfere with normal functioning of eye.

Few tips to combat with these problems-

Stay clean

Wash your hands properly and take bath with fresh water after getting wet in rains. Use Dettol to fight with germs.


Do not share towels and stay away from the infected person. These bacteria can travel very fast and affect you.

Avoid lenses

Don’t wear lens in heavy rains and winds this will cause eye redness and itching in the eyes.

Wear sunglasses

Protect your eyes from dust and heavy rains; it will prevent dust particles entering your eyes. Also it will prevent itching in eyes.

Avoid swimming

Swimming aggravates the problem, so avoid swimming during monsoon as water contains viruses and bacteria. Rain water enters the swimming pool and will germinate numerous bacteria and viruses. Unknowingly you will be the victim.

Use eye drops

Using eye drops will soothe your eyes, also it will act as protective shield and prevent the entry of bacteria and viruses. Put Eye drops before going to bed and when you get up in the morning you can see the difference.

Eat healthy

Maintain proper diet and avoid eating street foods and unhygienic foods. This may lead to various bacterial diseases. Eat healthy home-made food. Also add anti- oxidants to your diet this will combat diseases. Use hand sanitizer before eating to avoid direct contact with germs.

Generally children play in dirty water and get back home with all the germs. And mostly school and college going students are prone to eye diseases due to contact. You must take proper precautions to be safe and enjoy this beautiful weather.

Whenever you feel like dancing in the rain or having street food remember these tips. This will make your monsoon more rejoicing and happening.

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