Symptoms of Cataract

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Symptoms of Cataract

Clouded or Blurry Vision

It is the most common symptom of cataract. In this cataract interfere with the vision and eventually distant images become unclear. When the lens become opaque due to protein accumulation, light do not reaches the retina and leads to foggy vision.

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People dealing with posterior sub capsular cataract has glare as the major symptom. It is known as sensitivity to light. They cannot withstand bright sunlight and have intense reaction to glare. Indoor lights appear to have halos around. They have difficulty in driving at night due to glare from headlights.


It is commonly known as double vision. If you have developed cataract in one eye vision in one eye is impaired, which effects the angle. If we look through only one eye we may see duplicate, overlapping images.

Faded colors

Cataract may lead to difficulty in distinguishing colors. Some colors seem to be fade and some might have acquired yellow-brown tint. Blue and purple color is undistinguishable as it appears light brown.

Frequent change in prescription

As cataract spreads vision deteriorates with time and patient needs to change his glasses or contact lenses.

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