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Improve Vision, Cure Cataract, Retina without Surgery by Dr.MS Basu’s Eye Treatments

Ayurvedic treatment for Macular Degeneration


Macular degeneration is a disorder in which issues associated to vision loss is occurring. Ayurvedic treatment is mostly prescribed treatment for macular degeneration .Dr. Basu prepared ayurvedic medicine perfectly control the increasing degeneration in most of the cases also our ayurvedic medicine are very helpful it gives strength to retina and improves the power of vision. We prescribed you to treat it as you detect with the disease otherwise it may damage your vision.

  • Generally people of old age groups affected by macular degeneration
  • very helpful to strength retina and improves the power of vision.
  • very important to start the treatment of Macular degeneration
               from the very starting of the disease
  • The risk is significantly higher if disease is not getting
               treated on time
  • Natural and safe procedure.

Package Contains:

    3 Types of Capsules

    2 Types of Eye Drops

  • Handling Time: 2 Days
  • Normally delivered in 15-25 days.
  • We deliver world-wide through Indian
  • Speed Posts - International Service
  • This item is Non-Returnable

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Success stories of Macular Degenration

Effective ayurvedic treatment for Macular Degeneration:

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Effective ayurvedic treatment for Macular Degeneration:

Macular degeneration is disease associated to vision loss and generally people who crossed or reached at the age of 40 are affected from this disorder.Blurred vision , coloured confusion , vision distortion are the symptoms in macular degeneration. It is very important to take a treatment as soon as you detect with macular degeneration. We prescribed you to take our ayurvedic medicine and cure your macular degeneration with the help of ayurveda it is completely natural and safe. You can visit us for more information and consultancy.


This course contains 2 types of eye drops and 3 types of capsules. This course is completely ayurvedic (herbal) and has no side-effects.

Directions of Use
Eye Drops : Use 2 drops 4 times daily from A1 in affected eyes. And after 5 mins Use 2 drops 4 times daily from A2 in affected eyes. Stop this after 15 days. Now start using 2 drops 4 times daily from B1 in affected eyes and after 5 mins use 2 drops 4 times daily from B2 in affected eyes. Stop using this after 15 days. Capsules: Consume all 3 types of capsules daily after breakfast and dinner. Please use this regularly without any breaks. Although there is no side effect. In case any problem occurs please stop and call us immediately on 8881001234 to discuss your problem.


We generally specify there is no side effect of our treatments and it is safe to use. However in certain situation or rare cases there may be irritation or medication does not suits to a patient. Generally we recommend:

  • Visiting our hospital before you start our medication.
  • Take advice of your local eye specialist in case you are unable to visit us
  • Call us before you start our treatment
We do not take any responsibility of any injury or financial loss incurred by you. However we can assure our treatments are safe and leave no side effects and are clinically tested.

What is macular degeneration?

Macular degeneration is caused by thedamage of a central portion of retina The retina's central portion, known as the macula, is responsible for focusing central vision in the eye,
It is a disorder in which issues associated to vision loss and most commonly old age group is affected by this disease.It occurs in wet and dry forms. This disease begins with the yellow depositsin macula between underlying choroid and retinal pigment epithelium, this yellow deposits are known as drusen. The risk is significantly higher if the drusen are multiple and large.


Symptoms and signs :

  • Blurred vision - This is the most common symptom found in the patient of Macular degeneration.This disease leads to the gradual vision loss.
  • Wavy vision
  • Central Scotmas -Missing area of vision, observed by number of patients.
  • Colordistortion - Patient is unable to recognized different colors.

With the help of our treatment and few lifestyle changes like dieting , regular exercise, avoiding smoking, and protecting your eyes from direct sunlight or ultraviolet light , you can cure macular degeneration.


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