Dr Mahendar Singh Basu

Basu Eye Hospital,Bareilly

Seldom do we think of the darkness which engulfs the lives of those who are deprived with the boon of vision. We can’t imagine the way they perceive the world but we do for sure feel the sense of dread as soon as even the slightest of hints confronts us. A raging problem which has deprived millions of individuals of their eyesight is cataract. Cataract is a worldwide problem affecting the eye sight of people. Over 40 lakh people suffer from blindness every year in India alone on account of cataract. Mostly it’s the retinal diseases which primarily cause the vision ailments & eye blindness.

While the world struggles with the possible allopathic cures for the cataract borne diseases including surgery which has had marginal success historically, it was the relentless dedication of a selfless individual who persisted with his trials and ultimately had his eureka moment utilizing the age old practice of Ayurveda.

He is Dr. Mahendar Singh Basu, an eye specialist who has invented the miracle cure for cataract diseases and in the form of his ayurvedic remedy, ISOTINE.

His miraculous discovery has helped thousands of people suffering from cataract and he has even cured eye related illnesses which were considered incurable. During the past 25 years, thousands of patients suffering from immature Cataract & other eye diseases like Myopia, Hypermetropia, Diabetic Retinopathy, Color Blindness, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, etc have been benefited without operation just by administering the medicines as suggested by Dr. Basu.


It is often said that you need to be pure and selfless at heart; this is the pre-requisite which lets you gain the power to achieve something which is priceless and grows beyond your individuality to let your name live till time immemorial. This statement holds true for Dr. Mahendar Singh Basu perfectly.

Dr. Basu had an avid interest towards the social causes ever since he started his career as an eye specialist. He wanted to help others and serve the society to make this world a better place to live in. He completed his degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and started practicing in Bareily city. He has cured thousands of patients without charging a single penny. The patients who were blind and had gone through many operations in other hospitals were cured by him, all thanks to his knowledge in Ayurveda

Sunder Lal Chaudhary, a sixty five year old patient got his eye operated in April, 2013 at a Govt. Hospital in Uttar Pradesh, spending close to rupees 10,000 and 22 days in the hospital, but all in vain. He felt the same trouble again and his ailment was cured when he visited Dr. Basu.

After his treatment, Sunder Lal’s vision has improved in no time and he realizes the difference himself.

The reason behind the invention of Isotine as recounted by Dr. Basu is, “One of my relatives had Motiya and even after two operations the problem remained uncured. It was during that time that I was encouraged towards my research of Ayurvedic medicine. Almost after nine years of extensive study, the Ayurvedic formula for Isotine eye drops showed positive indications.


The research intensified and finally the Isotine eye drops reached the level wherein they could be utilized for the treatment of patients. During the initial days the percentage of results on patients was 40-45% but I wasn’t satisfied. It was after more dedicated research that the final product came out with 100% result.” According to him the government has not taken any substantial step towards the propagation or sustenance of Ayurvedic medicine. “There has been no government aid and I, from my earnings and a little help from the NGOs organize free camps for the poor.”


When specifically inquired about the invention of Isotine eye drops Dr. Basu says, “It took almost eight to nine years starting from research to the ultimate solution. It was a long experiment however reaching to an ultimate solution was my aim. Today, it is that very thing that makes me a proud man."


Moving forward as the word of praise for Isotine started to turn the heads and take attention, Dr. Basu got a drug license from UP Govt and registered a firm called Jagat Pharma in 1988. He has been practicing for the last thirty years and has cured patients in both India and abroad. Dr Basu can treat cataract diseases using his medication which require laser operations and are beyond everybody’s reach owing to the high cost involvement. Even people with eye diseases like Retina, which has no treatment in the country, have been healed by him. The effect of this medicine is visible within a span of five minutes from its use. Dr. Basu, even after the fame and the formidable stature he has gained; continues his practice as an eye specialist and hold the office of in-charge at the Dr.Chaman Lal Eye Hospital. His day consists of testing the eyes of thousands of patients, free of cost, in the charitable hospitals and camps, dispensing “ISOTINE” Eye drop to the needy people. Dr.Basu apart from the regular hospital routine also examines and treated thousands of patients in several free eye camps under the banner of Lion Club, Rotary Club, and other social societies.

Drishti Dosh Nivaran Samiti which is being run under the aegis of Dr Basu organizes in free eye check-up camps in and around the state of Uttar Pradesh. He wishes to promote and take forward the Samiti to a big level with more response and checkups. He shares, “Currently we hold these camps in and around Uttar Pradesh, but soon we plan to spread it to other states in India so that maximum people can gain the benefit of this initiative.” In his words, “It is all about management. There is a lot to handle at a given point of time like, the duties at various organizations, social welfare and other charges, taking out time for everything becomes easy, if you manage your time well. Life is a box and everything is placed inside it. Being a private organization, I am the boss and I can mould the schedule and guide
it in the right direction. Though I am socially and professionally very much engaged in various roles, but this has no effect on my personal life. I maintain a good balance and manage it well.” He continues, “Our USP lies in us being a private hospital. The government of India had sent me for a six day conference in the US, which I converted into a 22-day family holiday.” When asked if being a social activist, doctor, philanthropist and an entrepreneur has ever affected his family life, he says, “my family has always been my support and they have always motivated me to do whatever I do. They are the pillars in my life, so there has never been a question of regret. As I mentioned, I live a balanced life where social, professional and personal aspects are equally dealt with.”


As a child he had no notion as to what his career choice would be. At the tender age of six months, his mother passed away leaving his father to take care of him. But it was after completing his intermediate studies Dr. Basu opted for BSC in Ayurvedic Medicine. His earlier days were full of struggle and challenges which made worked towards converting him into an individual with a strong resolve, a trait which would help him immensely during the testing times of his invention. He changed all the bad into good, with his focus and positive approach. The best advice he has always adhered to is, “Work is worship.” Dr. Basu’s long term vision for Jagat Pharma is to channelize exports and improve the economic condition of the country so as to generate revenue for the citizens.” The Advice that Basu would like to give to college students who are seeking to become entrepreneurs is, “get ready before time comes. Believe in God and you will never fail, no matter what you set your eyes for.” His idol is none other than Guru Granth Sahib. He thanks god that he got success in whatever he tried.


Talking about the finances and the operating capital that he generated from his ventures, Dr. Basu says, “Whatever I have today is a result of my own hard work and earnings. During the early days of my research I had no money and had to borrow from my relatives. To what was a small clinic in the beginning is today a fully functional eye hospital.” Dr. Basu shares his ultimate philosophy with us too, which helped him retain his courage and persist with the set motives, “never lose heart even if you lose as you were a part of the race and that is what matters. Next time you can out do yourself and score a better chance to win. Keep working hard and be positive, as that’s what takes you forward in life.” The only thing that satisfies Dr. Mahendar Singh Basu the most is the praises, blessings and responses from his patients. His patients have overwhelmed him with love and trust. Curing them has made him feel the most satisfied person on the face of this earth and the bliss he encounters is a feeling beyond explanation.


Dr. Mahendar Singh Basu has been nominated twice for Bharat Ratna from the state, but the coveted title has eluded him owing to the delayed processes. If he ever gets a chance to start his career all over again, he would start his career a bit early making and inventing medicines which have no competition and hundred percent results. He has been working on further inventions where he can termed as a miracle man of cataract in India. Taking his research to national and international level is what he is eyeing on. It is a result of hard, tiring research work for many years, since college days ‘70’s Ayurvedic Isotine Eye Drop was developed by Dr. Basu in the year 1986. This eye drop gives vision to eye patients improves


eye sight in just 5 minutes without any irritation or side effect. It cures cataract without operation. Dr. Basu can truly be considered as an inventor, a philanthropist, an avid contributor to the society. He has not just lead by example but has inspired the hearts of millions as a visionary. According to Dr Basu being a researcher has brought the maximum self satisfaction in him. Endless to the list of appreciations, recommendations and recognitions that he has been awarded with, one title he holds is the dearest to his heart is SIGHT FIRST EXCELLENCE & EFFORT AWARD (1994) in implementing a significant community project to prevent blindness (Lions International, U.S.A.).