At Basu eye hospital, we have a team of ayurvedic doctors specialized in ophthalmology.

Team lead by Dr.MS Basu himself is regularly indulged in various research and studies. Regular research is to bring new innovative products which can help people suffering from different eye diseases.

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dr ms basu, inventor of isotine eye drops

Emiritus Prof. Dr. M.S. Basu

B.A.M.S.(Kanpur University) 1975, Emeritus Prof. Institute of Macro Biochemistry(New Delhi), PNC Cancer Research Center & Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, M.A.G.S(U.S.A), M.R.S.H(ENGLAND), D.D.H(MUMBAI)

dr mandeep singh basu

Dr. Mandeep Singh Basu

B.A.M.S.(Kanpur), D.OPTH.