AROGYA FEST 2020 will be a large scale business-to-business and business-to-consumer platform for the alternate medication and healing .i.e. the AYUSH sector of India. The philosophy of AYUSH is largely followed throughout India and Asian countries. In last two decades it has been successful in penetrating Western cultures. The concept of AYUSH is now being integrated with traditional medical sciences for better rehabilitation, therapeutic development and post traumatic care.

Arogya Fest 2020 along with the Ministry of AYUSH and the Government of Maharashtra aims at providing a platform which will:

  • Showcase the practitioners of AYUSH from across India
  • Educate the end users about the various products and practices of AYUSH and their benefits
  • Promote curative and preventive healthcare using AYUSH
  • Provide chikitsa clinics and live health check workshops with necessary AYUSH counselling to the end users
  • Present manufacturers of AYUSH products to the retailers, traders, distributors, etc.
  • Present the latest research and development in the AYUSH segment for the education and awareness of the practitioners, enthusiasts and the end users
  • Offer career counselling for the aspirants of AYUSH education
  • Present workshops and interaction sessions to demonstrate the applications and benefits of AYUSH for businesses, practitioners, healthcare providers and AYUSH enthusiasts.