Vision and mission of Dr. MS Basu

“ An eye-dea that change your life”

Dr.Basu has vision to eliminate blindness from India and globally. Dr.Basu’s objective to provide you a reliable ayurvedic treatment for all the eye diseases. Vision loss is a serious problem and it steal all the colours and light from your life, to retain your life with colours and light Dr.Basu successfully formulate the ayurvedic medicine “ISOTINE”Eye drops that will provide you a effective treatment to cure all the eye related diseases.

Dr.Basu’s EYE-DEA is to provide you a effective ayurvedic treatment that can eradicate cataract from India and around the world without any surgery or operation. Treatment that cures your cataract without any surgery is 100 percent safe and natural. Dr.Basu develop the treatment that is very authentic and prepared with natural herbs, thousands of patients from India and different parts of the world getting benefited and cured their cataract without any surgery. Dr.Basu’s mission is to contribute in this world with his best efforts to provide you the best treatment and cure all the vision problems with natural and authentic approach.